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 Member of the Month Explained

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The member of the month award is given out each month to the most contributing member for Reaper ZA. Every member has the potential of winning this award, and the decision is made by combined efforts of the members and staff. The Process consists of 3 Phases : Nomination, Selection and Voting


Every Month a new Thread ( Sticky ) will be made in the MOTM setion whereby the council will nominate the top 5 likely members based on the MOTM selection. In order for the council to select a member the member must include the following

* 0% Warning Status
* a Minimum of 15 Posts


In the Selection phase, the president reviews every nominated member separately and selects the most qualified 5 of them. Qualities that qualify a member for the MOTM award are :

* Posting High Quality Threads (( Tutorials, Tricks, Tools etc ... ))
* Helping Members out
* Activity
* Involvement for the month


Once the 5 most likely members for MOTM are chosen its up to the members to vote. A Poll will be created in which members can vote for the member they think deserves MOTM. Everyone is allowed ot vote.

You are not allowed to ask other members to vote for you, or any other member. Any such attempts will get you warned and possibly banned if decided by the council. The member that receives the most votes of the month will be awarded the MOTM award.

MOTM are entitled to specials if special deals are available.
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Member of the Month Explained
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